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Introducing Light—Zen of Photography

To see the light, to share the light is the Zen Photographer’s intention.   Introducing Light—Zen of Photography introduces the fundamentals of creative photography as an unfoldment, a revelation. Each section considers a unique facet of the creative photographic process and offers the reader an opportunity to develop their own unique photography expression by practicing […]

The Phoitographer’s Eye

The art of photography is created by the refinement of the  photographer’s eye. The  photographer’s eye, processes and contemplates, a variety of creative lenses of mind, focusing on subtle details in microseconds, being in the zone, a single-mindedness meditation. With practice utilizing the creative tools herein becomes the natural assessment process for the fine art […]

The Image

There are approximately 60 million photographers in the United States (, 6.1 billion people will use cameras in their smart phones by 2020 (pew research center). Images are the new lingua franca of our time. There is a perception that the image expresses a truth more precise than language. The image is a more authentic […]

How can something so complex, be so easy?

Photography is physics, the camera itself can be overwhelming to understand, even considering what is communication, why are we doing what we doing, what is the purpose and intention? Most people I asked during photography workshops in Hawaii, did not even know what the word photography means. On the way back from a sunset tour […]

What is a photograph?

The most common response to “What does the word photograph mean?” is “ to capture a moment.” I ask my guests, “How can you capture a moment?” It is impossible. GETTING THE POINT The point, is the most basic visual expression. The brief gesture of the pencil touching the paper, leaves a dot. This point […]

Never Take Pictures

Why are we doing this? Why did I just spend $1,000 on a camera and fly to Hawaii and spend my time photographing trees in the rainforest, when I could be lying on a beach? Why am I taking a picture? What is the point? Do we want the image to just stay in the […]

Photo Safari Hawaii

Hawaii is a great place for photography because of its diversity of dynamic landscapes and the ever changing light. More than just a scenic tour, our guides introduce fine art photograophy techniques for you to practice on location. John Fisher,  travel editor of gave my photography experience a 5 star ratingand expressed that he […]

Brian Ross, Photographer

Brian Ross has been creating photographic images for over 30 years. His photographs have been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts forum, the Broadway Gallery in Soho, NYC, the African American Historical & Cultural Society in San Francisco, and the Hui No’eau in Hawaii. Brian’s experience and unique […]

The Journey is the Destination

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